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Friday, 10 October 2014

Best ad posting sites in india top classifieds sites

Friday, 7 March 2014

High Page Rank Do-follow Social Bookmarking Sites List

I frequently search high page rank (PR) & do-follow Bookmarking sites for bookmarking websites. But never found some optimized list. I listed out a few high PR Bookmarking sites, so as to it will help you in your Search Engine Optimization work. Bookmarking is extremely important for Search Engine Optimization & It is the most excellent method to get cache by Google speedily. It’s a very important High PR Social Bookmarking Sites List that I've been searching for a long time. No doubt, this will be helpful for the webmasters.



Page Rank

1 PR 10
2 PR 9
3 PR 8
4 PR 8
5 PR 8
6 PR 8
7 PR 8
8 PR 7
9 PR 7
10 PR 7
11 PR 7
12 PR 7
13 PR 7
14 PR 7
15 PR 7
16 PR 7
17 PR 7
18 PR 7
19 PR 7
20 PR 7
21 PR 7
22 PR 7
23 PR 7
24 PR 6
25 PR 6
26 PR 6
27 PR 6
28 PR 6
29 PR 6
30 PR 6
31 PR 6
32 PR 6
33 PR 6
34 PR 6
35 PR 6
36 PR 5
37 PR 5
38 PR 5
39 PR 4
40 PR 4
41 PR 4
42 PR 4
43 PR 4
44 PR 4
45 PR 4
46 PR 4
47 PR 4
48 PR 4
49 PR 4
50 PR 4
51 PR 3
52 PR 3
53 PR 3
54 PR 3
55 PR 3
56 PR 3
57 PR 3
58 PR 3
59 PR 3
60 PR 3
61 PR 3
62 PR 3
63 PR 3
64 PR 3
65 PR 3
66 PR 3

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Social Media Pages Optimization Tactics for Improve Your Page Fans

I give you some easy tips for optimize your social media pages. It takes a few times to get better a your social media pages, and for the most part of the optimizations can be implemented when you first time create your social media account.

I told you few tactics to which help you optimize your social media pages :-

1- Your Profile Cover Photos and Background Pictures

Each social media network has different photos size for cover images, but way of thinking for why we want our symbol (logo) on pictures is the similar branding. The cover pictures is generally the primary object a client sees when they becomes a follower of your social media page, and you wish for to present them a excellent impression of your product.

In the case of Facebook, you may add your brand logo image as your cover image. If a follower likes your cover image, it could put in an appearance as a story in a non-fan’s feed. If you are not adding brand logo to your cover image, you are misplaced out on a grand chance.
                                 Your Profile Cover Photos and Background Pictures

2- Connect Your Website in Your Social Media Account

Confirm your main website is added on each of your social media accounts. This will get better your brand, and it will help other users differentiate between the official vs. unofficial social pages.

In the case of Facebook is to insert the website link in the about section under the your social page description. If your page is not verified, am extremely advised doing this to suggest a logic of authenticity.

Connect Your Website in Your Social Media Account

3- Complete Your all Social Media Profile Field

Complete the whole thing you can with excellence descriptions and correct information. Doing this will get better brand association and insert value to your fans experience with your brand.

Facebook has method more profile fields than any other social media platform, so it will take the more than time to complete. Other social media networks will simply take a few times to come to an end.

More than the previous few years some new fields have been added to Google Plus and Facebook, so confirm you double check your account completeness one time a quarter.

Complete Your all Social Media Profile Field

4- Connect to Your Other Social Media Accounts

One of the simple ways to make active your brand reliable on another social media platform is to tell users about your brand. Easy updates informing fans that you just launched an Instagram profile can do the trick, but the moment in time the post sits in the feed is temporary.

A fast way to solve this trouble is to have simple-to-find links to your other social media networks contained by your social account. Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and Pinterest make available the best opportunities to connect to your additional social media accounts.

                              Connect to Your Other Social Media Accounts

You can as well insert web links to your social media accounts in your Facebook page contact information by adding a comma and a space following your website link. I extremely advised place links to your other social media accounts here for the reason that it will help out use s simply place your other social media official profiles.

5- Standardization in Your Social Profile Descriptions

                             Standardization in Your Social Profile Descriptions

Each social media profile doesn't have accurate similar profile description, but you should utilize of the same keywords. You want regularity in how you promote your brand to fans, and a social profile is not several different.